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  • Makenna Fields

The Studio Session Experience!!

In all the times I've been in studio, I've learned a few things as a vocalist!! Let me give you some background. Most of my studio experience was spent along side my then trio. We would spend hours on end perfecting our songs and definitely felt the impact of long nights in the booth. Overtime we developed some habits!! One of our big ones were our 2am-3am honey eating rituals!! Haha around that time our voices would start to feel the weight of singing for that long and eating a spoonful of honey would sort of coat the chords in a way to get us through. Not the best habit but man was it helpful at the time. Sometimes if we'd been up too long two of us would power nap it while the third girl was in the booth. We had dance sessions, baby carrot dates and so much more. 10/10 time well spent!!

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